Re: Rotary GAP

At 05:03 PM 08/23/1999 -0400, you wrote:
>HI all,
>    I've read many postings lately about Rotary Gaps. Everyone says that you 
>need to use a Sync motor or something. What does Sync mean? and why do you 
>need to use one like that?

Hi Alan,

	Synchronous gaps can always fire at exactly the same time on the AC cycle.
 Thus, you can fire the gap at just the peak of the AC voltage
continuously.  This will prevent energy being wasted by firing the primary
at less them max voltage.   A non-sync rotary my only deliver half the
power of a true synchronous gap...

A synchronous motor turns at a rate EXACTLY proportional to the AC line
voltage where other motors turn about 50 RPM less.  With a normal motor you
have no control over gap timing where with a synchronous motor you can get
excellent timing control.