newbie TC questions

Hello coilers,

here's one more newcomer to TC! 
I live in the capital of Finland, Helsinki, (it's not so cold as some
might think, the summer was burning hot, but today just 26C though 8-).

I've been experimenting with ignition coils and tv flybacks for a while
now. Seeing all those cool discharge pics and reading through the
archives I thought about building a very small TC for starters, with a
secondary diameter of just 1.18" or maybe 2". 
Tomorrow I get one or two NSTs, for free. Can't still believe it, 
first call at a neon sign company was a success!

It would be great if you could give me some tips on the secondary coil
design, if I am on the right tracks with this mini secondary form size?

diameter 2", height 10"
648 turns of AWG 27 emalled copper wire

Before I forget it there's one thing that I'd be glad if someone could
help me with. That "magnet wire" for winding the secondary has me
puzzled. Is it just plain, normal, varnished copper wire? If not, what's
it made of and what would be a place to get it?

Oh, I've still a few questions (sorry if they seem boring or plain 
stupid... ). Here they are anyway:

a) should the secondarys RF ground really be connected to the center tap
of the NST in the design in which the RF ground is also in the
middle of the safety gap? It seemed odd to me because wouldn't the toroids
discharge strike straight away into the primary as it is connected to the
ground over a 4.5kV potential (for a 9kV NST)?

b) may the RF ground be connected to the drainage/water pipe system, or
the wall outlets ground, or, should it be an additional ground made with
pipes hammered into earth. (hard to do from here, it's 3 floors down ;)

d) are ignition coils and rectified tv flybacks useful at all for powering

hope my english was readable, and the questions not too boring = too

anyway, many thanks folks, 

 Jan Florian Wagner
 jwagner-at-cc.hut.fi, petwag-at-kolumbus.fi