Re: Volltage Multipliers/DC supplies

Probably because it takes more components, period.  You have to admit, an AC
excited tesla coil is a pretty simple device from a components standpoint:
transformer, gap, cap, two windings and you are done.

A DC coil (and there are many out there) requires a more sophisticated gap
(you can't rely on the AC zero crossing for positive quench) and, even more
of a pain, a high power DC power supply, which is no easy matter to deal
with, if for no other reason than it will have significant stored energy.

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Subject: Volltage Multipliers/DC supplies

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>Hi All,
> I have notice there is not much said about
>multiplies and DC supplies in
>general........ is this because of "intrinsic" problems with the
>components at the required voltages ? kickback/transients ?  or  ?
>Robert Cressler
>Oregon city, Or