Hot winding

Hi All, 
         for my current coil I have evolved a new winding technique that many 
of you may find useful.  My coil quite a large but many coils could benifiet 
friom this technique. The problem I have had with some coils is that they 
loosen over time, leaving a saggy and basically badly built looking 
secondary.  For my current coil I have combatted this problem by Heating the 
magnet wire to about 40-45C before winding.  Once on the coil the wire cools, 
contracts and fits snuggly for the rest of the life of the secondary.  How to 
heat it is a problem.  Ideally you get out the variac and plug in the reel of 
wire but, the jerks who sold you the 9kg of magnet wire didn't 
leave the inside end of the wire free ... doh.  What you actually do is stick 
it in a box which has a fan heater blowing into it and sit back for a couple 
of hours to let the reel heat properly. 

Only 1500 turns to go ......
Nick Field