Re: using an SS White x-ray transformer

Tesla List wrote:

> I read a recent post where someone used a cooler to
> house his neon transformer. 

Most anything that will contain the oil should work. Most are in steel
tanks from the factory. Since this thing is out of its OEM tank, when
you install it in a tank (whatever you choose) try to place it in the
tank with the windings spiraling up and down rather than side to side.
The open ends of the coil being at the top will allow the air to escape.
If the coils run side to side they may hold air. To clarify, the core
should be vertical if possible.

>  I'm wondering if the container should be sealed
> to keep out moisture?  

No. Medical x-ray transformers always have a vent screw in the top of
the tank that can be tightened to seal the unit for shipping and
loosened when installed for a vent. These transformers can get warm when
the duty cycle is up and can force oil out of the seals and cable ports
if not vented. 

> By the way, is transformer oil heavier or lighter
> than water?  

The oil is lighter than water. Water will settle in the tank if any gets
in it, which I've never seen happen, other than sweat accidentally
dripping in a tank with the top off. 

> Whichever it is, water should separate itself from the oil and
> migrate toward the top or bottom of the container.  My thought would be to
> keep the transformer an inch or so away from the bottom and top of the conta
> iner.

That's how they are done OEM. 

> >I've got a few in the warehouse that are rated at 150KV -at- a full AMP.
> Whoa, don't think I'd want one of these.  One error and you're finished!

You bet. Enough juice to blow fingers wide open, if not off. No need for
contact. Can kill you from several inches. :-0

See ya,