Re: Danger, and I don't understand why.

> > >hi there all,
> I'm a newcomer in teslacolisproblems. I need information:
> what is a copper magnetic wire?
> is it a wire with magnetic effecience without a current like a permanent
> magnet? I can't believe that.
> regards
> stone
> > >
> >
> >
No, thinner gauges of insulated copper wire such as #23 are termed magnet
wire. In order to produce a magnetic field of observable strength about
20,000 winds are needed without a ferromagnetic core. I have produced
magnetic fields from such a 80 lb spool of 23 gauge wire that has a 1000 ohm
resistance. I have also been able to resonate such a coil at 60 hz, and
obtain high frequency effects by introducing an arc gap. The arc gap is used
to change the 60 hz frequency. HDN

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