Re: Choke & Toriod cons.

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> Hey everyone on the list,
> I need help with my first coil. I was wondering if a tesla coil 
> powered by a 
> 9kvac 25ma neon transformer would need chokes?

While other people might dissagree, I see little need for them at low
power levels like your's. Be sure to include a properly set saftey gap,
though. (though even that, if things are working well, and there is no
danger of a strike on the primary side, isn't neccesary). 

>And if so how could I 
> go 
> about making them.

You may be better off using bypass caps and power resistors is you really
want RF protection. They'll be easier to make/use. 

>Also, what is a very easy and cheap way to make 
> toroids 
> in the shape of a sphere and a donut. 

Check the "Almighty Terminal" section of my site: www.electrophile.8m-dot-com
for toroid making info. BTW,  a "toroid" refers to the donut shape, the
sphere is just a sphere, though both are types of terminals. The most
commonly used material seems to be Al dryer ducting. I, and many others,
use it as-is (i.e. no covering with anything else) with superb results.
For spheres, i would suggest brazing, soldering, or epoxying two
stainless steel mixing bowls together, with first having removed the rim.

And one more question, with 
> the 
> transformer above, how many salt water capacitors should I use?

Try somewhere between three and six, depending on the size of the caps
being used, and the number of turns in your primary coil
> Any answer to any question will be helpful,
> Lance Underwood

Glad to be of help!

-Grayson Dietrich
"The Electrophile"

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