Re: Preliminary Result, Current limiting inductor

At 05:56 19/08/99 -0600, Michael Baumann wrote:

... snip ...

>The unit is compact, compared to my welder. It looks kinda cool (spiderish,
>all the taps in temporary "fly in the air" mode), and gives me finer control
>my welder did. For those that wonder, with those taps, I now have:
>1.4KVA, 2.2KVA, 2.4KVA, 2.9KVA, 3.4KVA, 4KVA, 5.8KVA, and 7.7KVA
>Far more choices than before, and a somewhat more mobile solution. Now I can
>use my welder for welding :) And I fully admit, it is nowhere near as
>efficient as the welder.. but I can point at it and say "I did that!", which
>has a definite geek factor missing from the welder. [Same for my caps]
>I'll try to get some pictures up on my web page in the next week or so.
>Of course, this will now require that I build a *real* control panel, rather
>the mess I use now. *shucks*

Regarding the main problem of core heating and inefficiency, scrounge the 
surplus shops, you are bound to find an old transformer which you can 
strip-down for the core.