Re: good catch??


The trick is to determine which secondary lead is wound
closest to the core. That's the lead you'll tie to the other
transformer (also to the lead wound closest to the core) and
ground to your RF ground. You'll then have a center tapped
18 kV transformer which has it's center tap grounded (to
the RF ground).

Don't forget to wire the primaries in parallel and so that they
are phased correctly (no output? switch the primaries
of one of the transformers around and try again).

Given that the secondaries are not internally connected to
the frame, ground the frames of the transformers to
console ground as you would normally. If you've done
everything correctly, the windings closest to the frame of
the transformer(s) will be close to ground potential and
therefore less prone to arc to the frame.

Jeff Parisse

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> Dear All,
> bought two 9 KV, 700 mA transformers for 350 US together. Can I use them
> and is it possible to isolate the cores (=not grounding them!) parallel
> the primaries and serie the secondairies to get 18 KV output??? Who can
> tell me???
> Arwin Wijnschenk, The Netherlands