Fat primary work

Hi All
Work on my primary is going very well. 10.5"dia cardboard tube 
covered with LDPE sticky tape, with close wound #21 DBL enamel
magnet wire. Coil is 30.5" long with 960 turns at 2640 feet of wire
length. Heavy brass foil strip soldered to wire for ground contact,
with four coats of "Klenks Tub and Tile enamel epoxy paint" to
cover the whole thing. Waited 5 days for this to cure like the box
says ... next Fiberglass with two wraps of glass cloth (fine weave)
Then two final coats of resin. The coil is now turning slowly on the
same geared motor that it was wound on so it doesn't drip or sag.
    My game plan is to spray the cardboard with a water and oil mix
and then tear it out to expose the bare wire to coat it with epoxy paint.
Then close off the inside of the coil with thin Fiberglass sheet board.
    Now if I could just get someone to pick up a pig from Dr. R...

Denis Despins