building an rsg.

Greetings all,

I am considering building a rotary spark gap.

I've got a sync AC motor out of an old LP turntable.
I'ld have liked something a bit more powerful but I
think that it will do.

I was going to make  disks from two 1/4" thick paxolin
boards. I was considering using meccano parts for
the spindle, using pulley wheels to secure the disks
to the spindle. I would probably space the boards about
1/2" apart to give a bit more rigidity.

I have several quite basic questions.

1) how much difference will it make to the coil? At present
I can get 4 foot arcs at 2kW with a static gap.

2) Is the project doomed because I only have a press drill
and basic tools?

3) Can an RSG work with a horizontally spinning disc?

have fun,

Alan Sharp.