Re: rf ground and coupling

For the connection between the primary and the secondary, if you are
referring to an actual physical connection, then the answer is  that
there isn't one. To put it very simply, the primary feeds power into the
secondary through the magnetic field it generates. To adjust the
"coupling" empirically means to change the distance between the primary
and secondary. This almost always means moving the secondary coil up or
down within (above) the primary form.
The RF ground is best connected to a section of shimstock or really heavy
foil cemented to the secondary form, with the wire from the bottom turn
of the secondary secured to the shimstock. Make sure the foil/shimstock
doesn't make a complete turn around the form or sfort any windings on the
secondary, or else the coil won't function. The connection between the
secondary and the actual ground ahould e physically large, using copper
strap or heavy gauge cable. 

hope this answers your questions.

-Grayson Dietrich
"The Electrophile"

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> How do youconnect the primary coil to the secondary and how doyou 
> hook
> upthe rf ground. 
> Brad
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