Re: using an SS White x-ray transformer

Hi all,

It seems like my "x-ray transformer" inquiries have generated some interest.
I'd like to thank everyone who has been responding.   Any further comments/
suggestions are always appreciated!  I also posted a couple more questions
for Terry yesterday.  I think I'm going to follow the suggestions about just
refilling with Shell oil without placing under vacuum.  If I can't use the
xformer for Tesla coil use, I'll certainly use it as a variable high voltage
power supply.  Oh, and thanks for offering some of that oil Terry.  I
haven't started looking in my area yet, but when I do and if I'm unable to
find any oil, I'll let you know.

I was going to present some questions on a different topic today, regarding
Tesla coil/ induction coil differences, but I'll hold off a few more days in
case there's more to add to my previous inquiries.  This "mail list" format
is completely new to me and I'm still trying to get used to the one day
delay between questions/ answers.