Re: Tube Coil Calculations

Hello Ben,

I do not think a "book of exact formulas" for vacuum tube Tesla coils is in
existence. If you find one, please let me know. Although, this list, and
it's archives, are just about as good (or better). I would not get too
carried away with "simulating" a tube coil before you have built one. If
you are interested in some basic design principles, I have several at my
web site, including schematics. Recently I have just obtained a copy of the
ARRL hand book, and find it very useful, but it does not have any "direct"
info for a tube coil, until you realize that you are trying to make a
broken "transmitter-oscillator-amplifier, out of control!" (at least thats
the way I think of it!). Let us know what you are trying to do, and I am
sure many could provide suggestions. Also search the archives, and check
out my low-tech web site at:


David Trimmell

At 05:38 AM 8/20/99 , you wrote:
>Original Poster: "Benjamin W. Bouxsein" <bbouxse-at-comp.uark.edu> 
>I need to find a good book that will give me the exact formulas for vacuum
>tube coils.  Also need a source that has this book available.  If anyone
>could give me a step by step proceedure to follow over email that would be
>great too.  I would really like to build a VT coil but ARRL handbook if
>VERY vague on how to calculate feedback/grid coils and tank coil
>Thank You,
>Ben Bouxsein
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