Re: Capacitors

    If your transformer is 10Kv at 2mA those caps should be fine . Once you
put 20 .01F caps in series you value is .0005F. Capacitance goes down as
you add caps in series. C= 1/(1/C1+1/C2+1/C3+ect...) The cap value will
always be less then the smallest cap value. If you have a 10Kv OBIT that's
23mA you'll need a cap that's about .0061F. 1600v .022F caps would work
great. 18 in series then 5 strings of 18 and you have a MMC cap ready for a
coil. That's 90 caps. As far as your question about the 6" coil. 26" long
will work with #24 or #22 wire.
> I am new to this so I have a question about capacitors. If I ordered 20
> volt .01 uf capacitors would that be enough for a 10000 volt primary
> transformer?
> Joel Feenstra