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Use a height to dia ratio of 4.5:1 for good performance.  This is the
winding length of wire, so a 27 inch winding length would work great with a
6 inch dia tube.

The wire dia does depend on your total system design including topload and
NST driving current available.  If using a 14 x 5 inch topload I would
consider a pair of 60 mA 12 kV NST's in parallel and use #26 AWG 200 degree
C. magnet wire on the sec (hi-temp wire has much better dielectric thickness
and more HV RF resistance that normal enameled magnet wire).  If you can run
3 NST's in parallel for 180 mA driving current then run a 20 x 5 topload
with #24 AWG hi-temp wire.

Primary cap of .02 to .03 MFD for the dual NST setup and .03 to .04 for the
triple NST setup.

This would be a dynamite coil with excellent output.



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>Original Poster: "Joel Feenstra" <feenstrl-at-river.it.gvsu.edu>
>What are the best dimensions for a 6 in pipe. What is the best height, and
>the best size of the wire and number of turns. Any help would be greatly
>Joel Feenstra