Re: Pole Transformer Basics

Greg, re pole trannies..if you have what we have in oz (down under) there
are two
types of
"basic" pole trannies..the two described by you sound like they are either:
1. Primary voltage across two phases   (i.e. the tr type with two bushes)  or
2. SWER type  which is typically seen on the end of a rural feeder where a
phase supply is required..SWER stands for single wire earth return.  In
this type
of installation
there is usually only one primary bush..the other leg of the primary is
As for the most appropriate tr for you I can only suggest the "two bush"
type will
provide greater volts at the primary when back fed.

Rob Twidle Aust.

Tesla List wrote:

> Original Poster: "Gregory R. Hunter" <ghunter-at-accucomm-dot-net>
> Dear List,
> I've been studying pole transformers in my area, and I've got questions.
> Some pole transformers have two identical HV bushings.  Others have a
> single HV bushing on top, with a second bushing hung outboard on a bracket.
>  I'm guessing that I'm seeing single ended & double ended transformers.
> Is one kind preferable to the other for coiling?
> Why would a power company use both kinds?  Why not just use all the same
> Just wondering.
> Greg