Re: Tesla Coil Power Calculations

to: Terry, Malcolm

The ionization energy is rather low as compared to the energy lost in heat
and light.



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>>Hi Terry,
>>Consider that with a close to 90% reversal in the first primary half
>>cycle of oscillation, gap ionization reaches a maximum. As ions don't
>>disappear all that quickly, the reducing gap current beyond that is
>>causes far less losses than one might think if one assumes that Rgap
>>follows primary current. I'm suggesting that Vgap drops to a low in
>>the initial 1/4 cycle and pretty much stays there until the end of
>>primary ringdown. If this does happen, then as Ip drops, so does Pgap.
>Hi Malcolm,
> www.peakpeak-dot-com/~terryf/tesla/misc/M8-1.jpg
> Has a scope capture of the voltage and current across the gap of a primary
>circuit (no secondary in place).  It shows a rather large voltage across
>the gap initially and then a rather steady voltage waveform despite the
>diminishing current after that.  This would tend to show exactly what you
>are suggesting!
> Terry