Re: Spark Gap Gasses Experiment

Hi John,

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> > Interesting.  I wonder if perhaps the purpose of the airflow is to cool 
> > the metallic faces to keep hot "cathode spots" from forming.  Once a hot 
> > spot would form, the breakdown voltage would be greatly reduced (just my 
>  >guess) since the hot spot would then be maintained via metallic arc 
> >(since all the energy would continue to flow through that location).  
> > This operation is opposed to the conventional wisdom that the air blast 
> > interrupts the damped waveform (which, according to Terry's 
> > measurements, is not the case)...
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> Bill, Terry, all,
> It is also interesting that static gaps often stop firing for awhile (when
> the total gap spacing is wide) and
> then start up again, by themselves.  I would think that if they are firing
> at a reduced voltage as they heat, then they would not tend to stop 
> firing once they start, yet they do.  Another mystery.
> John Freau

That might occur if the charging circuit is fractionally off its 
resonant values. Perhaps I might try this (sometime as usual). I find 
I have to generally set static gaps  to somewhat less than such a 
marginal value.