Re: HV power source.

Hi Jim,

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> > Original Poster: "Ben McMillen" <sammac-at-cobweb-dot-net>
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> > Has anyone ever tried to use ignition coils (possibly several?) as an HV
> > source for TC use? If not then does anyone have any ideas how this may or
> > may not work? It seems like it should if one were to take the coil out of
> > it's can and immerse it in oil. Thanks for any help.
> It has been done... I believe that one of John Coture's books describes
> a design using an ignition coil for step up. 
> practically speaking, the secondary voltage is a bit high for use in a
> TC (40-50 kV, when you really want around 20 kV). It is hard to get much
> power through an ignition coil, due to the very high leakage inductance
> (what they use in a standard ignition to get the voltage from Ldv/dt).
> If you get 100W through an ignition coil you are doing well.

In principle you could by using a higher primary voltage than the 
design value and switching at a greater rate. Trouble is that core 
losses would climb although ign. coils do run at 100BPS quite 
comfortably. In fact the energy is stored in the leakage inductance. 
It is pure flyback operation. Sufficient output loading/TC primary 
BPS would keep the secondary of the ign coil from reaching too high a