Re: Spark Gap Gasses Experiment

Hi Bill,

> Original Poster: "Bill the arcstarter" <arcstarter-at-hotmail-dot-com>

> Interesting.  I wonder if perhaps the purpose of the airflow is to cool
> the metallic faces to keep hot "cathode spots" from forming.  Once a hot
> spot would form, the breakdown voltage would be greatly reduced (just my
> guess) since the hot spot would then be maintained via metallic arc
> (since all the energy would continue to flow through that location).
> This operation is opposed to the conventional wisdom that the air blast
> interrupts the damped waveform (which, according to Terry's
> measurements, is not the case)...
> Comments anyone?  Let the flaming (or arcing) begin! :)

An experiment with a high powered jet of air convinced me that you 
couldn't reasonably interrupt a ringdown in progress without 
incurring terrible losses. I think your idea is correct.