RE: Forget pastic pop bottles use beer bottles.

My first coil used six quart beer bottles of salt water wrapped in foil
sitting on a metal plate.  I got about 16" from a NST powered coil, but the
secondary (gray PVC) eventually burned up.  I am using a plastic bottle SW
cap right now, but if it goes south too often, I may fall back on beer
bottles.  Plus, the beer bottles are more fun to empty.  

The attraction of plastic bottles is that they are cheap, and the thinner
wall gives MUCH more capacitance per bottle.  I get about 8.5 nF for a 2
liter bottle measured with a cheap digital multimeter which has a
capacitance function.  Did not have a way to measure the cap of my original
bank, but if I go back to glass, I will post capacitance measurements to the

My plastic bottle SW cap experiments are at www.altair-dot-org/tesla.htm#hawgcap

Am still very interested in comparing notes with anyone else who went this
route, please email !

William E. Payne
275 Oak Hills Dr
Dallas, GA    30132

770-494-1104 (day)