Re: First light, and a poor performance

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<<     The topload was made of a finite element array toroid 3"x14", our tests
> indicates that a finite element array topload makes for a very impressive
> looking coil as there are typically 3-8 arcs at any time, also the array can
> produce a faint and very uniform corona extending 12" in all directions
> when run
> just below breakout. On the down side, element arrays seem less suited to
> producing maximum arc length as it is virtually impossible to prevent
> breakouts, so the energy is spilt between several streamers. The toroid was
> also  to small,  >>


If the toroid is too small, multiple breakouts will occur no matter how 
smooth the toroid is.  The number of breakouts is directly related to
toroid size and the amount of power.  A large enough element array
will give only one streamer.  Smoothness may have some limited 
effect?  Also, I wouldn't think the ceramic caps would be *that* lossy,
but who knows, (some ceramic caps are better than others).

John Freau