RE: First light, and a poor performance

It was written:

>Forgive me, but something is just not right here. A 4" coil at 4KW 
>should do *MUCH* better than 27"
>I belive Mike Hammer has gotten better than 50" with about 1KW, 
>and I personally have manged to get 37" from 720VA on my 6" coil. 
>I suggest taking a good look at your ground - and your caps.
>You may want to check into a solid topload too.

Yep - our 4.25 inch secondary produces 60 inches at 3KVA.  We have an 
exceptionally large top toroid!

See a pic at:
(not a pic of a 60-inch discharge, but a good one nevertheless!)

...now to find time to properly evaluate our 6.25 inch secondary, which 
I've had completed for about two months...

-Bill the arcstarter
Starting arcs in Cinci, OH

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