Re: T&R pole pigs..

> >Original Poster: mel wise <mwise44-at-flash-dot-net>
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> >Is there anyone who has bought a pole transformer from T&R? Will they
> >ship direct to you or do they deliver them to a specific place where I
> >would have to go and pick it up?
> >
> >Thanks
> >Chris

	Yup.  They were great.  The guy fished around out in his lot until
he found the *perfect* pig (10 kVA 20.9 kV "two-eared").  Price was...well,
OK - $275 pig, $75 shipping.  Shipped directly to my door - which was a
total blast - you shoulda seen the look on the neighbor's faces when this
immense 18-wheeler pulled up with a couple of barn-sized xformers on it
(two 1250 kVA units and corresponding 'control pods' [?]).  My poor little
pig was dwarfed in the vary back - the neighbors musta thought this guy was
lost.  Thankfully my pickup bed was about the same height as the 18w. bed,
or I don't know how I would have unloaded it.

	T&R has my repeat business.