sync-gap problems

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Sounds like you have not finished the job of phasing the synchro RSG to
your line phase.  You need a scope -- storage type is best -- to actually
"see" where on the 60 cycle waveform your RSG is firing.  It could be you
are firing at or near the zero point in which case you are not dumping the
cap energy into the circuit.  Be sure to set it so it is firing at the top
90 degree peak of the sine wave (sometimes 5 degrees after works the best).
 If you don't have a scope just try moving the rotor approx 45 degrees with
respect to the motor shaft and run it again.  If this helps out then make
small 5-10 degree adjustments of the rotor with respect to the shaft to see
what works best.


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> Subject:  sync-gap problems
> I've just completed an 1800 rpm sync-gap system. The rotor has 4
> electrodes through its face and two stationary electrodes. The motor
> can be rotated nearly 180degrees, also. 
> My problem is no spark at the toroid. The rotary makes a dull thudding
> noise when the gaps fire with or without any static gaps in series.
> The static gaps also make this noise when used with the rotary.
> When I remove the rotary from the circuit and use the static gaps, the
> system works fine. This is the first rotary I have used so I don't
> know much about them. I'll eventually figure it out, of course, but in
> the meantime I'm open to suggestions.
> Thanks.
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