Powering a TC with a stereo amp

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Hi Jim,
        Many years ago, I used power amps in an attempt to run tesla coils
(mine could go to 200kHz).  They all blew up!  The coil stores energy and
can dump it back into the amplifier and BANG! - the output sections blow
out).  The impedances are also very messy for an audio amp to accept.
Perhaps a more modern amplifer would protect itself and if more care were
taken it would work.  Be very careful.....

        Terry Fritz

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>Subject:  Powering a TC with a stereo amp
>Has anyone tried driving a low frequency TC with a regular old stereo
>type amplfier?
> Many of the high power solid state amps (like the Carver) have
>bandwidth up to 100 kHz. Don't even fool with a primary cap, just drive
>the primary inductor which will couple with the secondary.
>Last year I had talked with James Corum, and he had talked about driving
>some 1/4 wave transmission lines (coaxial using copper pipe) with a
>linear RF power amp to generate fireballs.