$$$ and coiling

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Be careful of "dead stock".  Sometimes a large vendor like Beldon will sell
some stock that doesn't meet full dielectric tests.  No problem running a
few hundred volts in a normal transformer design but on a Tesla secondary
where it is being stressed to perhaps 1,000 volts per turn or more you
might not want to have a wire that has tested weak and there really isn't
anyway to know until it starts breaking down on you.  This is one area
where you should not skip corners -- use a 200 hundred degree C. magnet
wire such as Beldon Polythermalize -- TC's can present some tough
engineering problems without using substandard components and then watching
all your hard work go up in smoke -- not to mention the frustration.  The
200 C. wire doesn't really cost very much $40-$50 for a typical coil and
provides excellent RF resistance to creepage and capacitive coupling of
energy through the dielectric which are two problems you don't run into
with a standard magnet wire as used in solenoids, small xmfrs, etc.
This is one area where cutting costs can provide big headaches later.  Been
there -- done that -- and cried!!!


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> > >what's the cheapest any1 can find AWG24 for a secondary.
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> I have been buying wire from  <A
> - America's Leading Electronic and Electr...</A>  at good prices. They
have a
> minimum order of $100. Call the one nearest you and ask about dead stock.
> got a bunch of rolls 17ga to 28ga magnet wire $2.08 to 2.80/lb.
> jim heagy