WinTesla Ver 2.0

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RE>WinTesla Ver 2.0
I like and have used WinTesla especially for "What If's" with students.
It's great and easy to use and understand as it stands, but, 

I often push limits so I would like to see defaults expanded, like
  PRI dia >>20"  99? (what dia is necessary put all needed L in 1 or 2 turns)
  SEC >36" seems pretty large but why not a little larger ? 99?

If I had the source code I might add a DC Excitation section such that the
CAP value could be arbitrary (unrestrained - lots of good what if's) , variable 
Current available determines time constant and spark rate possible for static
gap model for a particular Vcap.  I use DC alot to control and better understand 
whats going on - easier to scope, less chaos. This option needs some barin
storming to determine what features are most desriable.


Date: 5/27/98 10:27 PM
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To all who use WinTesla,

In an attempt to further my programming knowledge and contribute to the
experimenters with ozone fever, I am working on WinTesla Ver 2.0 using
Microsoft Visual C++ 5.0.  Version 1.0 was built using Borland Delphi Pascal.
I am planning to add a edit box for adding comments on a design, and some
other user donated enhancement ideas I've been collecting for the past few

I haven't had too many comments (good or bad) about the program this far, and
I would like to know what you think about the program, and what improvements
are needed.  Send me a note at rscopper-at-aol-dot-com with your comments and

If I don't receive any comments, I will assume this project should be
cancelled and the current product is acceptable.

BTW I purchased an 811A and a 572B at Dayton, and am in the process of
building  a tube coil for grins.  So far I have some hot glowing tubes, but no
sparks yet - tuning isn't easy.........