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 Mount your camera on a tripod.  Use Kodak Gold ASA 100.  Set the lens to
F2.8 and then use the timer to shot 4 to 6 second long exposures.  The
results will be excellent.  If it arcs to a nearby vertical metal rod the
arcs will "climb" and look much larger -- a neat photo effect.  Shoot in a
total darkness room so the shutter can stay open.  Sometimes a very small 5
watt red light bulb (sewing machine bulb) in a coffee can with dual red
filters (rock band supply shop) taped over the front and used as back light
up the coil so it hits under the terminal will also add an neat effect.


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> Hi All
> I know this is a little of subject.
> Can any list members help me,I need info on how to take good pics of
> my coil in action.
> What ASA film do you use and shutter speed,f/stop.
> I took some pics on monday but I usued a flash gun,big mistake.
> Thanks in advance
> Mike Tucknott(UK coiler)