Wire Insulation Thicknes

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  I believe was seeing the E-Field shaped in blue corona as a result of
  the nitrogen when the energy was high enough in the sshot mode in the non 
 break out mode - smoothe torus surface - such that eye sensivity is maximized
 in total darkness.  Study of the corona/field reveals where spark channels
 likely to form more dense events (a whispy air discharge or as a ground plane
 approaches a bright power discharge).  In the absense of a close plane 
 influence to the top, the ability to physical view of the nature/shape of the
 E-Field, most prominent at the top but also encomapassing the upper 
 secondary is informative as to pri/sec position, tuning, coupling, Ctop shape
 and position, etc. 
 Looking forward to more "visions" and relevance to field study & influence.
 Dale >>


When I used to run my 6" coil in the basement (which was quite dark),  as I
cranked up the variac and just before breakout, I would see a beautiful blue
intense field that was in the exact shape of a Christmas tree.  Starting at
the primary and extending clear to the top of the secondary.

Ed Sonderman