chokes (and BIG Resistors) (power lost in RC)

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Subject:  Re: chokes (and BIG Resistors) (power lost in RC)

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>> multiplying by 120 charge cycles / second gives an average power in the
>>  resistor of 1.35 Watts
>If you multiply by 100000 Hz instead of 120 you get lots of watts. Isn't the
>resistor burning up a sign of rf feeding back through the resistor??? Question
>from NON-electronics wizard.
>jim heagy

The bypass caps are being charged to the high secondary voltage only 120
times per second, twice per 60 Hz cycle.  I have yet to find a model that
explains why the resistors get so hot.  Still unclear to me is, with
resonant charging (between the NST and the primary cap), how much more
than the 60 mA rating of the NST is being drawn.  2X?  4X?

Gary Lau
Waltham, MA USA