8KV tank supply from microwave oven components (fwd)

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>>Problems do exist. Diode multipliers generally tend to blow up unless
>>you have payed enough consideration for transients. Most often problem
>But can you please show me the dangerous current path that will blow the
>diodes when the output terminals are short-circuited ?

I was more speaking generally. However, I've had some bad experienses
with those transients. One oblvious place for fast transient current
pulses is the transformer parasitic capasitance. If it matters or not
depends on perticular type of transformer and diodes plus many other
things. Might cause real problems in real life.

My main point was that it's better to stick with neons which are more
reliable and easier to work with. Cheap and easily available too.

>>Stored capasitor energy is also dissipated somewhere when
>>the output short-circuits.
>Isn't it the primary that place?

I assumed another cap and filter after the rectifier system. I assumed
large storage cap too. (No info was given.) Without any filters the
diodes might (probably will) pop at the voltage reversal when current
inceases too much. This needs the naturally that the secundary will
not take all the energy there. Assuming this is good as of-the-tune
systems should not pop the rest of the system IMHO.

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