Calif visit + CA Electro

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RE>Calif visit + CA Electronics Swap Meets

Russ & All,

If you can arrange a ride to LA for the 6/27 Sat morning 7-11:30 AM TRW 
Amateur Radio and Electronics Swap Meet in Redondo Beach at the corner of 
Aviation Blvd and Marine Ave in the TRW parking lots - there be lots of goodies.

>From 405 South (fr: SF) take the Rosecrans exit West to Aviation South about
a mile then West on Marine.  It's at that corner.  Thousands will be there.
Bill Wysock (Tesla List) is a regular seller; sets up adjacent to the TRW Radio
 Club spot. (Ya gonna be there Bill ?)

While its also Amateur Radio Field Day, there will be some division of effort, 
but there has never been a bad electronics swap meet day (like fishing).

The TRW Swap Meet is the last Sat of every month (incl this Sat = 5/30)

Also good is the ACP Swapmeet in Santa Ana,  last Sun of ea ODD Month.
8 am until 2 PM   (next = 5/31 this SUN)  see  http://www.acpsuperstore-dot-com/   
(its more computer & SW oriented but there are unique electronics vendors as
 Santa Ana is a metropolis of small med lg electronics houses))

Dale  310.813.5188

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Greetings to all,
I am scheduled(??) to be in the San Fransisco( actually Newark) area for
2 to 3 weeks starting June 15.  I was wondering if anyone knew of
anything Tesla oriented going on during that period.  Actually anything
that would be interesting to visit in the area of science or

Oh, If anyone is interested, the reason for my visit is I will be
witnessing the acceptance tests of a high power radar transmitter
representing the Air Force.

Russ Thornton
CSR 2040, 
Building 989, Rm.  A1-N20
Phone: (407) 494-6430 
Email: thorntor-at-rc.pafb.af.mil