Wire Insulation Thicknes

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RE>Wire Insulation Thickness+E-Field

>One thing that is not at all obvious and that must be viewed in 
>extremely dark conditions (sshot agin) are graceful arcs of corona 
>stretching down the windings. Last year, I saw the most amazing sight 
>in a well darkened room when I did this. I ran a 6" coil with a 9" 
>shpere on top sshot and was stunned to see a *ball* of corona over 2' 
>in diameter right around the top terminal.

I have witnessed that phenomena with my 6"x19  5kVDC excited coil  8x20" 
torus, .1uF vacuum switch (Pin=.4W  9v 40ma) 1 to 2 discharges/s.

 I believe was seeing the E-Field shaped in blue corona as a result of ionizing
 the nitrogen when the energy was high enough in the sshot mode in the non 
break out mode - smoothe torus surface - such that eye sensivity is maximized 
in total darkness.  Study of the corona/field reveals where spark channels were 
likely to form more dense events (a whispy air discharge or as a ground plane
approaches a bright power discharge).  In the absense of a close plane 
influence to the top, the ability to physical view of the nature/shape of the
E-Field, most prominent at the top but also encomapassing the upper 
secondary is informative as to pri/sec position, tuning, coupling, Ctop shape
and position, etc. 

Looking forward to more "visions" and relevance to field study & influence.

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Hi Gary,

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