RF rated doorknob caps

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The RF rated doorknobs usually have silver plated terminals and have a
dielectric designed for very low inductance and very high Q factor whereas
the doorknobs from TV sets are only designed as filters and do not operate
on RF currents hence the much less expensive dielectrics.  Design and cost
factors become the major factors.


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> Subject:  RF rated doorknob caps
> What's the difference between RF rated doorknob caps and regular DC rated
> caps? I've always heard that ceramic caps aren't a good choice for TC use
> because of the pitting that is caused on the plates due to HF. I'm
> ready to take a medium siized TC to Europe and the small size of ceramic
> make them very attractive when it comes to fitting everything in a
> suitcase.......any help would be appreciated along with anyone that has
any HV
> caps ceramic or otherwise to sell. I'm looking for .01-.005mfd -at- 40-80kv.
>                               thanks,
>                                                Dan