South Fla. Coiler (fwd)

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>Subject: South Fla. Coiler
>Greetings to All My son Dan and I are interested  building a working Coil.
>far we have built a very nice one, but it smoked the NST. before it
>so we would like to fine a good set of plans that work and anyone in this
>who may be interested in this too. (Preferably someone with a working Tesla
>Thanks to all
My name is Ray and I'm in Sarasota county about 2 hrs south of Tampa, I have
a  working 6" coil and am now working on a 12"
I'm really new to all this electonics stuff and people on this list have
been great help!
Again thanks to everybody that has helped me out in this exciting learning
                                            Ray  rchowes-at-msn-dot-com