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Be sure to clean the tubing with acetone/alcohol (50%/50%) mixture both
inside and out.  After dry, then coat the tube inside and outside with
Glyptal (elec. motor shops carry it) and let dry overnight.  Apply two more
thin coats to completely seal the tube from air moisture before winding as
PVC is extremely hygroscopic.  After winding with magnet wire you can use
Dolph's AC-43 (again, elec. motor repair shop) to seal and cement the
windings.  About 5 coats allowing 24-30 hrs drying between each coat will
work best.


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> I would go with about 10" in coil hight and about 15" for the PVC.  This
> should work well with 6-10Kv NST, Microwave, ect.
> Good luck to you.
>                                             M. Andrus
> >Hi, I am about to build my first tesla coil. I got a bunch of wire
> >from an old television CRT, I think it's about 26 AWG,  and I have
> >some 3" ABS pipe that I could use for a coil form. My question is,
> >how long should I make my coil, and about how many turns would I
> >need?
> > Thanks in advance!
> >