South Fla. Coiler (fwd)

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If you send me a $3.00 priority mail stamp I will send you a small guide I
put together for students working on small coil systems.  Address is E11870
Shadylane Rd., Baraboo, WI 53913.

Did you have protection between your NST and the oscillator??  A 2K, 50
watt resistor off each bushing helps a lot.  Also, I bet you have your cap
directly parallel your xmfr input and the spark gap in series with the
primary -- a big no no.  Always run the spark gap parallel the input power
and the cap in series with the primary.  Much less transients this way.

You might enjoy seeing our large coil at the Miami Museum of Science if you
live in that area.


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> Greetings to All My son Dan and I are interested  building a working
Coil. So
> far we have built a very nice one, but it smoked the NST. before it
> so we would like to fine a good set of plans that work and anyone in this
> who may be interested in this too. (Preferably someone with a working
> Coil)
> Thanks to all
> Bill