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Date: Sat, 23 May 1998 05:19:28 PDT
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Subject: Re: Wire length,resonance, and Q (fwd)

Hi John.
It was written:
>  Jim, Malcolm, All -
>  It should be noted that electromagnetic fields (Hertzian waves) 
>propagate at the speed of light. This is not true of electric or 
>magnetic fields which are perpendicular to the direction of 
>propagation of electromagnetic fields. This confuses coilers and many 
>others the same as the fact that energy transfer by magnetic 
>induction is always at 100% transfer. Tesla said that his TC did not 
>operate with Hertzian waves.
>  John  Couture

OK - I'll bite.  100% is always a bold statement to make about most 
anything, including energy transfer...  :)

Are you talking about transferring energy from coil #1 to coil #2?  Or 
are you speaking of storing (and subsequently extracting) energy from a 
single coil? 

I am not an expert on transmission line theory or even general e-mag 
principles.  Any clarification on your use of "100%" would be 

-Bill Pollack (arcstarter)

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