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Date: Wed, 20 May 1998 21:11:10 -0600
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>>Hi All,
>>        I was in Colorado Springs yesterday on business and tried to visit
>>the Tesla museum there (I live in Fort Collins, Colorado).  Unfortunately,
>>they were closed by the time I arrived (4:00pm).  I am planning an returning
>>in a few weeks solely for the purpose of Tesla investigation.  I hope to
>>visit the museum and visit the site of Tesla's lab (If I can find the
>   The original site has been definitely triangulated to the intersection of
>Kiowa and Foote streets about one block from the park and historical marker.
>I have been there and verified this result.
>  Richard Hull, TCBOR

Here is a collection of what people have sent me.

Apparently, the site of the lab is now a residential area.  The address is
the intersection of Foote and Kiowa streets.  There is a historic marker
dedicated to Tesla across the street from the School in Memorial Park.  It
is just east of the intersection of Pikes Peak and Hancock, on the south
side of Pikes Peak. 
I have since found that several of the photos of his lab had a large stone
construction building in the background.  I believe this is a present school
for the deaf and blind.  It is still there from Tesla's day.  I had the
photos reproduced and computer sharpened.  If this building still exists (it
looked like the type of building that was going anywhere), It would
positively lock the location of the lab.  Apparently, the lab was at the
crest of a small hill with a rock base.  There are a few wood construction
buildings in the pictures but they may have changed considerably.  I assume
this type of information is how Richard Hull triangulated the site.
Hopefully, I will make it down there next week.

        Terry Fritz