Was ham and cheese now Ohio Teslathon (fwd)

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Subject: Was ham and cheese now Ohio Teslathon

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> > By far - my best "find" was a 70's vintage Monsanto model 111 1 to 512
> > MHz digital freq counter for $10!  The seller said one of the Nixie
> > tubes had both the '4' and '5' digit illuminated.
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> Nice catch!
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> > Does "sloshing" an ignitron ruin it, or would it be OK if you left it
> > upright for awhile??  How can these things fail?  They will tolerate
> > some truly massive current surges w/o dying.
> >
> Ignitrons must be oriented vertically (or mostly vertically). Sloshing
> the mercury around shouldn't hurt it any.
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> > But the best part was that about 7-8 coilers showed up at the appointed
> > time on saturday.  Bert Hickman and I swapped "shrunken quarter"
> > stories. Tristian Stewart, R. W. Stevens, and a few other fellows (their
> > names elude me) were there as well.  I had fun showing my pictures and
> > viewing the even more incredible pics these other guys had!  Kind of
> > like a mini-teslathon!
> >
> > Thanks, everyone, for showing up!  See you next year!
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> > -Bill
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> All,
> I went both Friday and Saturday. Used SB50 and a hat and had absolutely
> no sunburn whatsoever - a real first for me since I usually end up
> looking like a lobster after only a couple of hours. My best finds
> included what appears to be a new 833A with clamps for the base
> (filament) connections for $5.00, a HV filament transformer to drive it
> for $2.00 (with 2" high insulators), a batch of metal-cased high voltage
> caps which appear to be mylar or oil-paper, ranging from 5,000 volts to
> 30,000 volts for $2 each, a pair of heavy duty 0.005 and 0.002 uF 5KV
> mica caps (for a toob coil at $25/pair).
> Also got some very nice 4" high ceramic "beehive" feed-thru insulators
> ($3.50 each), and a new 3A variac for $5.00. Overall, there was really
> not a whole lot of high voltage/Tesla type equipment at the Hamvention
> compared to the size of the event. I DID manage to get the names of a
> contact who had more HV equipment at home that I'll need to follow-up
> with.
> Had very good visits with about fellow coilers on both days, swapping
> "war stories" and viewing each others' pictures. Glenn Cerny, Robert
> Stephens and I also had a great visit with Scotty Myers at Piqua. It WAS
> sort of like a mini-Teslathon. Hope to see some of you again next year!
> -- Bert --

To All the LUCKY People that attended the hamfest,

Between working on Saturday, and my muther-in-law's plans for Sunday, I
didn't get to the hamfest. Man I sure envy the lucky coilers that made

I have mentioned to Bill the Arkstarter that I have access to use an 850
seat theater here in Wilmington Ohio for a Teslathon. I have rigged up a
200 amp 230 volt temp connection that is used for lighting when shows
come in. The 230 volts can be split for 120 volt coil connections.

If there is enough interest in Mid and Southwestern Ohio to have a
Teslathon this summer, (July or August), I will be glad to work out the
details and host the show. Please e-mail me direct or put a message on
the list if you are interested.

My address is:   <cfharer-at-in-touch-dot-net>

Sorry for the big message, But I wanted to "tag on" with interested area

BTW, the theater is a restored 1918 Victorian style and is the best of
the 10 left in the U.S. It is also listed on the National Historical
Register. Great place for a Teslathon! (We also have a place to eat!!)

Coilin in hot Ohio,  Cliff