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Subject: Re: air bubbles (fwd)

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> >I am in the process of building one of two large capcitors that I
> >will use in series on the new coil I'm building. The problem is two of
> >the six sheets of poly I ordered have small air bubbles in them. Does
> >anyone know If this will cause the cap to breakdown? I'm using two
> It will cause problems. Depending on size and shape of bubble the
> electrical field in the bubble is many times the field on insulator.
> The answer is that instead of normal 20kV/mm (PE) you might
> need to derate it to perhaps 2-4kV/mm or it will fail pretty soon.
> Note that air is better insulator than this :)

     As I have said in a reply to an earlier response I'll just use the
poly in some smaller caps so if they blow I won't lose to much! In the
mean time I ordered fresh poly to replace the defective sheets. I also
told the sales person I wanted it without holes or defects this time.
Thank you for your response, and help.

                                    Frankensteins Helper