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Date: Sat, 16 May 1998 20:55:08 EDT
From: Homer Lea <HomerLea-at-aol-dot-com>
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> If anyone on the list has any pulse duty, commercial caps for sale, please
>  contact me privately.  I am looking for something in the .01 to .025 mfd
>  range, rated at least 20kv for pulse duty.  I would prefer another .025 mfd
>  Condenser Products cap like the one that I have.
If Ed or anyone else wants to try to make a cap from one of the sections of my
dismantled 2 uf 60 kv cap please contace me off the list (unless you have some
advice for all about trying such a thing). Each section is .18uf 60 kv. I got
some plastic pipe and plan to try rerolling part of the cap onto one pipe,
then place in a larger pipe full of oil but the pipe I got is black so now I
am worried it might contain carbon and decided not to use it until I can crank
up an x-ray xfmr. and test it for dielectric strength.

jim heagy