Re: UK Teslathon, Corby, May 30th (fwd)

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Date: Sat, 16 May 1998 12:18:40 -0400
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Subject: Re: UK Teslathon, Corby, May 30th (fwd)

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> Subject: UK Teslathon, Corby, May 30th
> Greetings
> I've just sent this out to everyone who has contacted me
> but I'll repeat the information here for anyone I've missed
> or who has just joined the list.
> First U.K. Mini Teslathon  - Saturday 30th May: 11am
> St Ninian's Church Hall, Beanfield Ave, Corby.
> I've now had positive responses from 20 UK coilers! (I wonder how many
> of us thought that we were the only ones in the UK doing this.) The numbers



Now see what you've gone and done! OUTSTANDING!! It looks like the U.K.
Teslathon is going to be a huge success the first time around. It just
goes to show that we coilers aren't as alone as we sometimes think, no
matter where in the world we are, and as Richard Hull mentioned
recently, it just takes one person willing to shoulder the
responsibility to get the ball rolling. I know that all of you are going
to have a great time sharing experiences with fellow coilers on a
personal basis and I wish I could be there with you. Perhaps next time

Please keep us posted.

My best regards,

Ed Wingate