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Spark gap transmitters continued to be actively used by hams, though
continuously discouraged by the ARRL, until well into the late twenties.
Ships at sea continued to carry spark gap xmtrs until into the thirties as
backup units in case of problems with the tube gear. The last spark gap
transmission, after the mode was oficially outlawed by the FCC, occured
sometime in 1932 or 1933. I don't have the exact date at hand but if it
is really necessary I can scrounge it up.

        I'm not old enough to remember, but my friend Ted Swift,
W6CMQ, told me that the last spark transmitter he could hear
from Pasadena was gone by 1924.  Certainly spark continued
aboard ships, at least as emergency gear, into the beginning
of WW2.  Would be interested if, at your leisure, you could
find some dope on post-1924 use of spark transmitters (at least
as other than a stunt) by hams.