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Date: Wed, 13 May 1998 21:17:51 EDT
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Subject: Re:  Dayton Hamfest

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<<I've been toying with the idea of making the 11 hour drive from NYC.  I've
heard that Dayton is supposed to be the best 'fest after Rochester.  Is it
worth that kind of drive?  Does HV stuff show up at these things

Charles, you are paralleling my thoughts.  Here in the NYC Metropolitan area
(as you know) we are lucky if a Hamfest lasts three hours before the dealers
get bored and pack up their vans, much less the three days that this thing is
scheduled.  I am envious of you mid-westerners, especially if the Fest is
loaded with HV stuff instead of the usual pile of left-over Radio Shack junk
that regularly shows up around here.  So what's the true story on Dayton for
parts and useful Tesla items?

Of course, Dayton does have its sidelights: it is also the home of the only
functioning Cinerama theater in the U.S.

David Hutchison