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>Hi Malcom,
> Thanks for the info. If I am understanding you properly then if I were 
>add a 1H coil to the primary side of a 100 to 1 ratio transformer it 
>show up on the secondary side as an additional 100H inductance.
> And if I were to put two 100 mH chokes on the secondary side they 
>reflect back on the primary of the same transformer as 2mH.
>                               Thanks again for helping me to 
>                                Bill Turbett
Just butting in here .....

Impedances transformed from primary to secondary follow the square
of the turns ratio, e.g. 1H on the primary of a 1:100 transformer
would appear as 1H x 100^2 = 10,000 H.


P.S. There's a HUGE difference between putting an inductor in the
primary vs. the secondary because resonant rise CANNOT exceed
the input voltage rating of the Xfmr primary due to core saturation,
an inductor on the secondary side allows (theoretically) any
ammount of resonant rise.
Please tell us how you construct your 10,000H 30 kV inductor!

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