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(sorry it took so long to reply here. Having email problems)
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> Bart, would that be the equivalent of around 1600 Amps? 13.27 joules input
> 60 times per second at one polarity and 60 times at the opposite polarity?  I do
> see this as a major difference between choosing a cap for a neon sign transformer
> and a pole pig. You guys with pole pigs have so much power, you don't have to be
> as efficient with it.

I see how you are aquiring that value but it is all a matter of time and reactances.
There are a lot of variables to consider which I think would derate this current
value, but I admit I have not put a lot of thought into this area of the circuit
(yet). Choosing a cap is based on it's role in the circuit and regardless of the
transformer which is chosen to help fulfill that role, a high Q cap is the one of