Dayton Hamfest

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>  Coilers,
>  The Dayton, Ohio Hamfest is Friday May 15th - Sunday, May 17th.
>  Any coilers planning on going to the Dayton Hamfest? Any of you guys
>  bringing any Tesla stuff to trade while there??
>  -- Bert --


If you are interested I can bring a couple of NST's that I bought for a
song, and will sell for the same song, ($15.00 each). Or if you are
interested I could trade them for something of an equal low value.
Perhaps Bill the arcstarter could also meet with us at the Hamfest and
we could talk coils.

My e-mail address is <cfahrer-at-in-touch-dot-net>

Please RSVP me thru e-mail, (Keeps the clutter off of Chips list :+))